You can access the archive using any browser. Once you have successfully entered the access data for a particular archive, you can search for documents and files and query them with just one click. Simply enter your query in the search field. BvLArchivio will respond with a list of all documents and files that match your search query within a few seconds. This hit list is sorted chronologically, with the most recently archived documents shown at the top. The further you scroll down through the list, the older the documents and files become. A preview image for each document is displayed in the hit list.

Your documents and files

Information about the archived file is also displayed: the archiving date, file format, number of pages (only for PDF files) and the registry and filing attributes. All documents and files that match your query will be displayed in the hit list. Select the document or file that you want to view in full by clicking on the desired line with the mouse. If the hit list is too long, you can make your query more specific by adding additional information in the search field. Fewer documents and files will then be displayed in the hit list. As soon as you click on a line in the hit list, you call up the file or document from the archive.

It will then be downloaded to your workstation. You can display invoices from the archive or call up all types of files or e-mails. Multiple employees can also call up and view the same file or document at the same time. As soon as the desired document or file has been downloaded to your workstation, you can print, forward or process the file. The original copy remains unchanged in the archive. If you want to archive the document or file again, you are not able to overwrite the original copy in the archive. Instead, a second file will be automatically saved to the archive by BvLArchivio to ensure audit-proof archiving.

The hit list

You can display the hit list as a simple list or as a hit list with preview images (standard setting). It is also possible to display the list without information about the archived file, meaning that only the preview images are shown.

Search query options

The search query options in BvLArchivio are extremely diverse and thus always guarantee that you can find and display the desired documents, folders or files. You can search for the content of documents, for projects or complete processes or even complete folders or records. And you also have the option of not only displaying documents that precisely match your search query but also searching for documents that only partially match your search query, e.g. all delivery notes that start with the number 4711. You can use the option of searching for a fragment of text in BvLArchivio when you only know part of your query. For example, you want to search for all invoices on which antique taps have been billed.

You do not know the item number “6469 antique gold tap” but do know that the item number includes the term “antique”. To search for a text fragment, you now simply enter just “tap” and “antique” in the search field. The hit list will display all documents that either partially or completely contain one of the terms or also the numbers that you have entered in the search field, irrespective of the position or context in which they appear on the document. For example, if you do not know who the telephone number containing the numbers 4781 belongs to, searching for a text fragment will give you a hit list that contains all documents and files that contain the telephone number 030-4547810. You can also add a time period to your search in BvLArchivio or combine it with information on the file type – BvLArchivio offers you all these options and responds to your query within a few seconds.

Mobile BvLArchivio® app

Naturally, you can also use the mobile BvLArchivio app for all the search queries and functions that you have become familiar with from your BvLArchivio desktop search on your workstation.