Secure archiving of files in compliance with legal requirements

You can directly transfer files to BvLArchivio using any browser. And you can archive files as soon as you have successfully logged into an archive. Select the desired file at your workstation and enter your registry and filing attributes in the text field. You also have the option of selecting the text recognition function for PDF and TIF files. The file you have selected will then not only be archived according to your registry and filing attributes but also using the text recognition (OCR) function.

Text recognition software

An optical character recognition software is installed in BvLArchivio. The latest version of this OCR software (also called text recognition software) simplifies work processes in your office. As soon as your file has been transferred to BvLArchivio, the automatic text recognition (OCR) function reads all pages of the document. All of the terms and numbers on the document are then saved to the BvLArchivio database. This database saves the storage location and the entire contents of the document for every archived file. If you want to search for a document in the archive later on, the database will respond to your request within a few seconds and make the document available to you.

Plug-in for Windows/Apple

Install our plug-in for Windows or Apple. Archive your file with just one click. Whether PDF files, office files or other types of files, you can archive any file with just one click. In our example, we want to archive an image file. To do this, we click on the desired image file with the right mouse button. A context menu will open in which we can select the BvLArchivio option. In the archiving window that now opens, select the archive and enter your registry and filing attributes. The registry and filing attributes you enter here do not change the actual file. The registry and filing attributes you have entered are saved in the searchable database and are available later on as a query parameters for the file saved in the archive.