The complete solution for your company

BvLArchivio doesn’t require any complicated installation procedures. The hardware and software are already fully installed. You simply need to connect up the power and network connectors. You can archive all of your company data, whether electronic invoices, scanned documents, e-mails with attachments or also other files of any format, in a central and encrypted manner to protect them against manipulation and then access them using a password at any time whether from a workstation or using the mobile app.

A complete system for companies

BvLArchivio is a complete system for companies, freelancers and facilities that want 100% data sovereignty and security and want above all to avoid any major IT expenditure. The BvLArchivio digital archive server is installed locally on your premises. Only you have access to the data. BvLArchivio is available in two versions, as a stylish box version for your bookshelf or as a rack version for your server room. Simply connect up the power, insert the network connector and you are ready to get started. The delivered system includes the hardware module (box or rack) equipped with four hard discs to ensure the redundancy of your data. Your data is thus automatically mirrored multiple times to different hard disks. All of the software has already been fully installed on the hardware module and is ready to use straight away. In addition, you can also download various different supplementary programs free of charge to simplify your everyday work in the office, such as the E-Mail Plug-in, Explorer or the mobile app for archiving and searching using a smartphone. BvLArchivio is ready to use straight away after delivery.

Requirements for the keeping of records

BvLArchivio is certified according to PS880 and complies with all commercial regulations pursuant to the GoBD (German principles for the proper management and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form, as well as data access) and GDPR. The requirements for the keeping of expert reports, contracts and all types of data to ensure their integrity are also fulfilled. Any type of manipulation or amendment of the documents and files is no longer possible with BvLArchivio. BvLArchivio has been audited by the renowned and globally active auditing company KPMG. You can find the original certificate from KPMG for your records that confirms that BvLArchivio complies with the principles for the proper management and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form, as well as data access (GoBD) on the KPMG website

The principles for the proper management and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form, as well as data access (GoBD) were defined in cooperation between the tax authorities at a federal and state level, business associations and tax advisory professionals. The BMF letter summarises the practical requirements imposed by the tax authorities on IT-supported bookkeeping and is an important source of legal clarity.

The BMF letter can be downloaded here as a PDF file. In the BMF letter, the tax authorities also published their opinion with respect to the procedural documentation (Note 151 ff of the BMF letter) that has to be submitted to an increasing extent as part of tax audits. In this context, we offer you free sample procedural documentation tailored to BvLArchivio that you merely have to complete with your information. The sample procedural documentation can be downloaded here as a Word file.

The hardware module

You receive a 24 month warranty for the hardware module (box or rack). In the event of a fault during the warranty period, you have the right to a free on-site replacement service. After the warranty period has expired, our repair service is also available to assist you. In addition, our free hotline is ready to help you and answer all of your questions dealing with BvLArchivio. Our free support service is also available to assist you in the event of technical malfunctions.

The capacity of the archive

The capacity of the archive is dependent on the size of the hard disks you are using. The maximum configuration currently allows you to use hard disks with a capacity of up to 18 TB, which corresponds to approximately 500,000 folders. However, it is not only possible to archive scanned documents. You can also save and archive any file format to the digital archive, whether office files, e-mails, PDF files, video files or even image files. Anything is possible.

Data sovereignty and data protection

Who wants to save their valuable company data on third party systems (cloud providers)? BvLArchivio has been designed so that you – and only you – have 100% sovereignty over the data with 100% data protection and data security. The security system installed on BvLArchivio guarantees the data security and data protection of your company data. All data is automatically saved to multiple hard disks. This automatic data backup process using as many hard disks as you want is part of BvLArchivio. It enables you to effectively cope with a faulty hard disk. The system is delivered with a total of four hard disks, which means that your whole data inventory is available four times, mirrored onto the four hard disks. If one hard disk breaks down, you will be notified by BvLArchivio so that you can replace the faulty hard disk with a new one. You simply have to insert the new hard disk into the hardware module. The system will automatically ensure that your whole data inventory is immediately copied to the new hard disk from one of the other hard disks. One or multiple hard disks containing the whole data inventory can also be stored in another secure location. If the hardware module and the hard disks are completely destroyed due to lightning, fire or water damage, for example, you can use the hard disk stored in a different location to restore you archived data in BvLArchivio at any time using a new hardware module equipped with new hard disks. This means that you data is not lost even if you experience such an event.

Built-in security system

The security system built into BvLArchivio protects your data. Automatic encryption (2,048 bit) of all of your hard disks ensures that your data can neither be manipulated nor read or copied illegally outside of the system. To ensure reliable documentation that would stand up in court, the hash value is determined and saved for every file. You are thus able to prove in front of any court that the archived file has not been amended since that date it was archived. The SHA-1 hash value used by the system is considered completely trustworthy and audit-proof. If you lose a hard disk, the data can neither be read or copied on another system. Every hardware module (box or rack) has its own encryption system. If the hardware module is replaced or renewed at a later point in time, your encryption system is saved to your new hardware module so that the hard discs work perfectly in the hardware module.

Ready to use immediately in office environments

BvLArchivio is ready to use immediately in all office environments, irrespective of the type of workstations installed there. BvLArchivio can be used in all network environments whether Windows, Apple or Linux. Multifunctional devices or scanners from all manufacturers can be used for the digitalisation of paper documents. And the BvLArchivio app enables you to archive or call up archived data while out and about. Various software tools are available to download, whether for managing the workflow for incoming invoices, quickly archiving files or archiving single or multiple e-mails.

The archives

BvLArchivio eliminates the need for laborious installation and setting work. Thanks to the preinstalled archives, there are no complex tasks in BvLArchivio that need to be completed by an IT administrator. Five archives are already presinstalled on the hardware module (box or rack). Every archive can be renamed so that it is clear which types of documents are being archived in each one. The size of the various archives is dynamic, meaning that memory on the hard disks is automatically made available for your archived data based on the requirements. Every archive has its own access controls.

You can allocate a new password of your choice to each archive at any time. Anybody who knows the password for accessing an archive can log into it and call up and view records, documents and files from this archive. If desired, you can activate the employee access control function for an archive. It is thus possible, for example, to protect highly sensitive data using two passwords. Another possibility is to only provide some employees with access to certain files from this archive. This employee is then prevented from accessing all other documents in this archive. Naturally, it is also possible to active an access logging function so that you can see who has called up which documents and when. Employees can only view the documents in the archive. They are not able to delete, move or manipulate archived documents, records or files. The security system built into BvLArchivio guarantees the security of your archived data.


Our employees are available to assist you with any questions, wishes and problems on our service hotline: 0800-272 44 846.

You are welcome to arrange an appointment with us for a free demonstration of the system without any obligation.
You can contact us Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Our employees are available to assist you with any questions, wishes and problems on our service hotline: 0800-272 44 846.

You are welcome to arrange an appointment with us for a free demonstration of the system without any obligation.
You can contact us Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.