Document workflow

Install the BvLArchivio Verify software and enter the digital age. All employees will be informed about pending tasks (editing, checking, releasing, forwarding) via e-mail. The BvLArchivio Verify software is installed as a plug-in in Outlook (free version) or Tobit (for a small licensing fee from a third party company). You can then send instructions to employees via e-mail about pending tasks for the documents. You will find the software in the Download/Desktop section.

The free software

All work steps completed by those employees involved in the process are documented and logged to ensure that they can be seamlessly traced later on. You can use BvLArchivio Verify, for example, if you want to immediately digitalise (scan) incoming invoices and then forward them electronically via e-mail to the relevant department or employee for further processing. BvLArchivio Verify ensures that the attached files (the scanned documents or the invoices made available by e-mail) can no longer be amended or manipulated: All employees involved in a particular process receive identical and unadulterated documents and can also view all of the processing steps that were previously completed by other employees.

BvLArchivio Verify is also suitable for handling all incoming post electronically and making it available for processing within the company. Naturally, you can process, check and add comments to all types of documents and contracts and then forward them to the next employee in the process. Test the free BvLArchivio Verify software without any obligations. Our free hotline would be pleased to assist you with the installation or use of the software. You will find the software in the Download/Desktop section.